How to Fix Alexa won’t turn on?
October 12, 2022
alexa device is unresponsive

Your Alexa device is unresponsive, this trouble happens when you are about to command something on it. This problem stops most of your tasks and makes you less productive. There are a variety of reasons that starts this issue we will let you know all of them and afterward some troubleshooting to deal with them. 

We are a team of professional experts who are available to resolve every technical issue with Alexa. Our alexa customer services are easily reachable through the toll-free number +1-410-896-8780. You can also reach us through the live chat or email address medium. Our experts will help you by guiding you with the appropriate troubleshooting that can fix this Alexa not working issue. 

Why is my Alexa device is unresponsive?

There are below-given some common causes that create this trouble of device is unresponsive Alexa:

  • Check Wire connection: A most common and unnoticed thing is the improper wire connection to your device erupts this unresponsive problem of Alexa.
  • Wi-fi Connection Problem: Slow wifi or unable to connect to wifi are some other causes that are responsible for this unresponsive Alexa device error.
  • Other Interference in Network: An interruption between the wifi network and the Alexa device also starts this “Alexa server is unresponsive” obstacle. It happens because of some devices like microwave ovens, T.V or others that disrupt the radio frequency of wi-fi network.
  • Alexa is Out of range from Router Reach: A long distance between the router and the Alexa is another minor reason that bothers with not responding problem.

How to Fix Alexa device is unresponsive Problem?

Check these following easy fixes to get free from this trouble of device is unresponsive Alexa:

Check Wire Connection & Put Alexa near by Router

As we said above loose wire connection with your devices starts this problem. Make sure to keep every wire connected properly to compatible devices. Take a look at the power adaptor of Alexa and recheck if it is connected to the socket. Another common troubleshoot is simply taking your Alexa near the wi-fi router. Now try to command it and check if it works. 

There are many other things that you should fix for a better experience with Alexa. You just need to contact our support option for getting guidance to overcome every glitch that causes this “Alexa device is unresponsive” issue. 

Setup Your Latest Device

If you have just got a new device, then make sure to set it up with your wifi and then with Alexa. Alexa does not get connected with the latest device, you have to setup it up with your Alexa. 

You just have to contact our customer support service, we will guide you with the required instructions that can fix this “alexa server is unresponsive” error. 

Connect Device & Alexa With Same Wi-fi Network to fix Alexa Device is Unresponsive Issue

Alexa connects devices through the same wi-fi connection. It is necessary to connect your device and Alexa with the same wi-fi network. You need to take the assistance of our professional experts who can let you know how to set your device and Alexa with the same Wi-fi connection. 

Update the Firmware of Alexa

A firmware update of Alexa can fix most of the common issues of Alexa. You have to look out for the available firmware on your device. You have to simply check it out through the settings on the Alexa app and then look out for the device software version.

To know the whole process of downloading and installing the latest firmware, you should contact our customer service. Our team of professionals will guide you in fixing most of the problems related to this “Alexa device is unresponsive” issue.

Reinstall Alexa App

There are possibilities that this unresponsive Alexa trouble occurs cause of the faulty Alexa app problem. This problem can be treated by just uninstalling and then reinstalling the Alexa app on your device. 

You can uninstall it from the settings of your smartphone and follow our expert’s guidelines to reinstall it again on your phone. This will help you to resolve your “Alexa device is unresponsive” issue.

Restart & Reset Alexa Device

One of the unnoticed ways to fix this device is unresponsive Alexa problem is to restart it. This can lead your Alexa to start again. It starts with your Alexa Echo device power button, just press and holds onto it. After that disconnect the power cable from it and keep it turned off for a few minutes. Now, try again and plug in the power cord to the device and turn it on. 

Another option is to reset your Alexa Echo device if restarting it doesn’t work. It starts from the Alexa app to devices in the setting. Choose the Alexa device and find out the factory reset button and confirm to proceed with the process.

Well, it is not easy for many users to follow the instruction, that is why you should contact our Alexa customer services. We will also let you know how to reset your Alexa device, which can fix this “Alexa device is unresponsive” error.

Enable Alexa Skills

The Alexa skills are the system of Alexa that is accessible from your phone. You have to enable this setting from your device. By doing this, you can operate your other devices using Alexa. 

You should ask our experts to enable this Alexa skills setting on your device. We will assist you to do this, and this will help you to fix this “Alexa server is unresponsive” error. 

Fix Wi-fi Problem

A limited internet bandwidth causes you to slow down your wi-fi internet connection. After the limit that is provided by your wi-fi service, you have to deal with a bad internet speed issue. Wi-fi interference is another problem that stops your Alexa from working. It happens cause of devices that release radio-frequency like microwave ovens, wi-fi enabled gadgets and many others.

If you have changed your wi-fi password, it gets disconnected from all of the devices including Alexa. You have to reconnect the wi-fi with your Alexa to treat this “alexa server is unresponsive” trouble.

Our Alexa customer services are the best options to get solutions for your wi-fi causing problem that creates this issue of “Alexa device is unresponsive”. 

Disable Whisper Mode & “Unmute Microphone”

Whisper mode let you talk and get answers in a whisper. It is generally used by people at night, you have to disable this setting from your device. Another problem is the muted microphone setting of your Alexa, it will show you the red light in this mode. 

Alexa devices have different microphones button you have to optimize this setting that will start Alexa working again.

Our team of experts will assist you with the required steps so that you can change these settings. This will help you to fix this error of “Alexa device is unresponsive”.

Conclusion of Alexa Device is Unresponsive

These are every possible troubleshooting that we have mentioned to get back your Alexa to working condition. You have to simply try them one by one and check which one can fix this issue of “Alexa device is unresponsive” from our Alexa customer support number.

Our team of professionals will lead you to the instructions that will help you to complete every troubleshooting method. Our reliable Alexa customer services are available at +1-410-896-8780 toll-free number. Other instant service-providing options are possible through live chat and email.

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