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alexa not responding to voice commands

Sometimes users can’t use the Alexa Echo because of the “Alexa not responding to voice commands” problem. The voice assistance function makes it popular among people, but it sometimes stops working because of some basic technical or internal hardware problem. Now, we will help you to treat your Echo from this Alexa not responding to commands. 

We are a third-party Alexa support service provider. Our team of technical professionals offers remote support to customers. Through our provided troubleshooting guidelines you can start communicating with your Alexa Echo. Try our instant service at the Alexa customer support phone number +1-410-896-8780. You can simply start a live chat or mail us to get a solution for your problem.

Why is Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands?

Various reasons result in this Alexa does not respond to your voice. Some of them are below-listed:

  • The Microphone mute button might be turned off 
  • A slow or poor internet connection of the Alexa device. 
  • Wrongly customize Alexa privacy settings.
  • The connected device and Alexa does not share the same wi-fi network.
  • Changed Alexa Wake word
  • Alexa skill is not updated. 
  • Power cord connection Issue & Alexa volume is on down mode.

No matter any reason starts this issue, you can fix them yourself with our suggested troubleshooting guidelines.

How to Fix Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands?

Now, here below we have mentioned detailed multiple ways to fix this alexa not responding to commands error:

Through Microphone Mute Button

The very first thing that you must look out for is whether you have turned on its microphone mute button. You can get that button on the top of your Alexa Echo. If this way, you didn’t resolve your Alexa unresponsive problem, then head over to the next troubleshooting or you can simply contact our team of Alexa customer support service experts.

A Stable Wifi Connection

An Amazon Echo speaker works on a high-speed wi-fi connection. If you are having a slow or interrupted internet connection, then it will make your Alexa not respond to your voice commands. You can try to fix this error by simply turning off and on the wifi router. Another option is to disconnect unnecessary wi-fi connected devices to decrease wi-fi congestion.

If you still could not get rid of this problem, we suggest you just contact our team of Alexa customer support. Our team will guide you with appropriate guidelines that can let you successfully counter this wi-fi & Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands issues. 

Restart Amazon Echo Device

After putting the volume up of Alexa if it still didn’t work, then just try with the simple restart option. For doing this, unplug the power cord from the socket or turn off the Echo and after a few seconds start it again. Now, check if it responds to your wake word. Go after the upcoming troubleshooting guidelines if you are still facing this issue of Alexa not responding to commands.

Perform a Hard Reset Alexa Device

If restarting your Alexa did not work out, then the hard reset is the better option to fix this Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands issue. It needs a pin or a narrow clip that you have to insert in the hole located on the top of the Alexa Echo. This will turn the blue light into orange and your Echo will get off. Wait for a few minutes and turn it on again.

Before doing this, you should contact our Alexa customer support service. Our team of professional experts will help you to perform this hard reset option on your different models of Echo. This will help you to resolve this Alexa not responding to commands error. 

Enable & Disable Alexa Privacy

Another general way is to try to enable or disable Alexa’s privacy features. It starts from the Nucleus screen to the “Alexa Now” option. Now, check if you can fix this Alexa unresponsive problem by enabling or disabling the privacy settings. To know a clear guide you have to contact our team of Alexa technical experts who will assist you to fix this problem of Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands. 

Connect the Devices & the Alexa Echo to the Same Network Within the Range

It is the basic requirement that you must look out for. Alexa Echo works only if it and the other smart devices are connected to the same wi-fi network. If your Alexa is connected to a different wireless network and smart device to another, this will cause the error of Alexa not responding to commands. One more required thing to ensure is, to maintain the minimum required distance between the router and the Alexa Echo. This will help your Echo and smart device to receive the network properly. 

Our team of Alexa supports professionals will help you to fix most of wi-fi related problem. By doing this, you can get rid of this Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands issues.

Change Alexa Wake Word

The Alexa Wake word is responsible to make it respond to your voice commands. It is possible that you might change the Wake word through settings and still use the invalid wake word. You should check the current Wake word of Alexa and change it as you want it.

It starts by launching the Alexa app from your phone and going to the Devices from the top. Now, select the Alexa device from the list and in the “General” section go to the Wake word option. Choose the available wake word and move on by trying again.

Our Alexa customer support phone number makes our services easily available to everyone. We will guide you in changing the Wake word settings through the app and website. 

Factory Reset the Alexa Echo

The factory reset of your Alexa Echo speaker is the last general troubleshooting way to resolve this Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands error. This will remove your synced device information. You need to re-configure Alexa with your device, wi-fi, and to your Amazon account. It starts from the Alexa app and goes to the “All Devices” option. Find out the factory reset option and after going through some steps it will start to reset. 

The process of factory resetting may vary according to the Alexa Echo model you are using. Therefore, we suggest you just ask our technical experts, who will guide you to resolve this issue of Alexa not responding to commands.


These are the usual troubleshooting guidelines that can let you fix this trouble of Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands. You have to imply each of these methods for the solution. Most of them required an expert’s guidance that you get from our service.

Our technical team is available via Alexa customer support phone number is available at +1-410-896-8780. You will get instant remote support through troubleshooting guidelines for every Alexa problem. We are a third-party Alexa customer service and make sure to help users in dealing with various errors with it. 

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