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How to Delete Alexa History?

How to Delete Alexa History?

You may also want to know how to delete Alexa history. Most Alexa users still don’t know that Alexa keeps a record of their commands and activity in their Amazon accounts and their servers. There are high chances that your data is being shared with some third party without any expiration date. 

The Amazon company claims that the saved data is useful to improve the user experience. It uses our search history in text transcript form to understand the way you speak and if you delete them it will badly impact its performance. It only listens when you saw the blue light however, it is possible that your Echo might be recording your things that are not supposed to. 

Here we are the third-party of Alexa customer care who can guide you accurately to delete all Alexa history. You just have to contact our specific service through the toll-free number at +1-410-896-8780 or mail us your issue.

How to Delete Alexa History With App?

Through your Alexa app, you will also get able to check Alexa voice history and delete them. It starts from your android or IOS smartphone by launching the Alexa app. Go to the dashboard by tapping on the three lines on the upper-left corner. Find out the “settings” option and then the “Alexa privacy” now look out for the “Review voice history”. This will show you the “Alexa delete what i said” option and you can complete this delete all Alexa history. 

We are a team of third-party technical experts and we will make sure to guide you to perform this process of deleting Alexa history. With our instant customer support, you can quickly delete Alexa history from Alexa app.

Delete Alexa Saved Recordings From Various Date Ranges

You are also able to delete the recording history of a certain time. It needs to go to the “Settings”, to the “Alexa privacy” and then review voice history. Now, look out for the Filter by date option and choose the Custom and enter the specific date range. Finish the task by clicking on the delete all voice recordings from the given date. 

You need to take the assistance of our professional expert who will guide you with detailed instructions on this procedure. By contacting our Alexa professional you can delete all Alexa history from a certain date easily.

How to Delete Alexa History Recordings through Website

With the official website of Amazon’s Alexa privacy settings page from your browser. You have to go to the devices and then to your Echo. In Echo menu, there will be the “delete voice recordings” option. Confirming the pop-up of deleting your voice recordings completes the process of deletion of everything of your saved history on it. 

All you need to do is just contact our Alexa customer care service. We will help you with instructions that will lead you to delete your saved Alexa voice recordings history via the website.

Delete Alexa Voice Recordings Individually

To delete any specific single voice recording history, just open the Alexa app. Go to the settings and find the History option in “General”. This will give you access to the list of your records of commands. You can choose any query or command and simply delete it. With our team of professionals, it will become easy for you to do this. Just contact us for quick instructed guidelines. 

Clear Voice History through the Voice Commands

The most convenient way to delete Alexa history is via your voice commands. It all starts with the toggle button that can help you to delete the recording history. You have to simply command it like “Alexa, delete what I just said” or “Alexa delete everything I said today”. 

You have to contact our team of Alexa customer support service. Our team will let you know how to use this toggle switch from your settings app.

Auto-Clear Voice Recording History

Amazon allows you a certain time to choose to keep a record of your voice commands. It defaults to the option of “save the recordings until I delete them”. You can opt for the “save recordings for 3 months” or “Save recordings for 18 months”. After that time duration, it will delete your history without your commands. Another option is “don’t save recordings” this option will clear your previous history. 

It can be simply optimized through the Settings to Alexa privacy and then to “Manage Your Alexa data”. This will show you the various options to save your data, confirm by choosing one. 

To complete this optimization in settings, we recommend you contact our professional experts. We will guide you through the steps that can easily let you delete Alexa history or select the don’t save recordings option. 

Conclusion of How to delete Alexa History

We have stated multiple ways that can let you delete all alexa history or even command it to don’t save recordings. You can also go for the auto-delete option of your voice recordings on Echo. Another way is to enable the automatic deletion of your history after a time of 3 or 18 months. You just have to perform the given guidelines to clear your voice commands history.

We suggest you contact our team Alexa customer care service number at +1-410-896-8780. You can also mail or start a live chat option to get a detailed solution. Our team of professionals will offer you the fastest remote support that can easily help you to delete Alexa history.

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