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October 10, 2022
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Alexa won't turn on

Sometimes it happens when your Alexa won’t turn on and the Echo speaker does not work. The Alexa voice assistance program needs to cooperate with the Amazon speaker. It is a usual issue that is being faced by some of the users. Here we will deliver some of the effective troubleshooting guidelines that can resolve this common trouble of Alexa’s not working.

We are a team of professional technical experts who are well aware of every functionality and its error. Our Alexa tech support phone number is +1-410-896-8780, which is a specific service for its users. We serve customers by assisting them with the appropriate guidelines that can fix their not working problem of Echo. We also provide instant responses to your queries through live chat and email mode.

Why Won’t my Alexa Turn On?

There is a large list of reasons that causes this not working problem of Alexa. These are improper power cord connections, corrupted power cords, power socket issues, and circuit board issues. The dirty power outlets of Alexa, motherboard issues, and many other hidden factors are responsible for it.

Here, our team of professionals from technical customer care will help you to deal with each of the problems that will fix your Echo’s not working error.

Methods to Fix Alexa won’t turn on Problem

Here are every basic to advanced troubleshooting guidelines, which are enough to fix this Echo not working issue:

Unplug the Echo & Change Power Outlet

Basic troubleshooting is just unplugging your Amazon device power cord from the socket. After a while, wait for a few minutes and plugin again to check if your Echo starts. If this method does not work, then you have to change the power socket. A faulty power outlet also causes this issue Alexa stops working. Just contact our customer care service for getting detailed answers to fix this issue.

Change Power Adapter & Well-Plugged Power Cord 

A damaged power adaptor of Alexa Echo is the reason that causes this working problem of it. This issue results in a loss of power supply to the Echo device and there can be visible damage to the adapter. Another common and unnoticed cause is an improper power cord connection to the Alexa device that stops it from working. 

To make sure you complete these kinds of requirements on your Alexa device for its fluent functionality, just contact our service. Our experts will suggest compatible solutions one by one so that you can fix this issue of “Alexa won’t turn on”.

Dirty Speaker Power Port

Another general issue that interrupts its performance is the unclear speaker power port. You have to make sure that there is dirt or some particles on the Alexa power port. You can try to clean it by contacting our Alexa customer support service. Our professionals will lead you to the safest cleaning process that can resolve this Alexa not working issue.

Change Circuit Board 

If previous solutions could not fix the problem, then you should try this advanced troubleshooting. The circuit board controls the supply of power to the Alexa device. It is possible that any circuit board part got the defect that stop the power supply and cause this Alexa won’t turn on issue.

You need to contact our professional representative who will suggest solutions to replace this circuit board. By doing this, you can fix this trouble of “Alexa wont power on”. 

Change Motherboard

A dysfunctional motherboard of the Alexa Echo device results in the issue with most of its functions. You have to simply replace the faulty motherboard with the latest one. Before buying a new motherboard, you should ask our experts who will guide you with reliable suggestions. Our team of customer technical support care professionals will guide you to get a quality motherboard and also suggest you a reliable option to install it on your Echo. 

Set up The Device

Another factor is if you have just got a new Echo device, then make sure to set it up. It must be connected to wi-fi, which you can do from the Alexa app. You have to just go for the 3-line icon and then “add device” option. After completing the given onscreen steps, your Echo device will be set up.

Our tech customer care is the best and most reliable option to fix this issue of “alexa wont power on”. Our professional expert will help you by delivering guidelines that can fix this trouble of “Alexa won’t turn on”. 

Fix Internet Glitches

An unstable internet connection is a thing that disrupts your Echo from working. Alexa won’t work without a wi-fi connection. It includes conditions like a slow internet speed, limited internet bandwidth, more devices connected with a wi-fi network, and many others. Just by upgrading the internet plan, reduce the distance between the router and the Echo device, and disconnect wi-fi from devices that are not in use. 

There are more troubleshooting to fix the wi-fi connection issue. All you have to do is just contact our Alexa tech support phone number. Our team will assist you with reliable guidelines that can fix this error of “Alexa won’t turn on”. 

Unmute Microphone & Check “Wake Word”

A basic setting that might get turned on is the mute microphone option. In this condition, Echo will light up but will not respond. You have to turn on the microphone by the button which must be there on the Echo speaker. Another problem is it is possible that you have changed the “wake word” of it. After doing this your Echo will only answer back to the latest wake word. To get the Wake word back to the default setting, you have to contact our technical customer support.

Our team of experts will help you to get the detailed steps to change this wake word setting. It is another way to fix this problem of “Alexa not turning on”. We will also let you know the easiest way to unmute your Echo’s speaker so that it starts working again. 

Conclusion of Alexa won’t turn on

We have delivered every basic and advanced troubleshooting guideline that can fix this issue of “alexa wont power on”. We have also covered some of the factors that cause this Alexa not working error. You have to simply contact us via our alexa tech support phone number at +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or email. 

We are a team of professionals technical experts and our service is totally bound to resolve every problem of Echo device. Our third-party remote support Alexa customer care option is trusted by many customers. Our instant response with relevant instructions from our experts will help you to fix this “Alexa won’t turn on” trouble. 

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